August Taxi fare increases due to Petrol Hike


Taxi Fare is set to increase for commuters in and around the North of Tshwane areas due to the latest fuel Hike. The Soshanguve taxi owners association have come to an agreement of increasing taxi fare as from the 1 August.

Taxi commuters in Soshanguve are unhappy about these price increments; there concern is that only the poor people will feel this.

Pabalwa Mokwena from Soshanguve block GG said that she had two kids who are studying in Pretoria CBD and that it would be pretty expensive for them to travel on a daily bases.

“Everything just keeps on increasing however our salaries stay the same. How are we supposed to survive like this? I mean from now on I will need to have R750 for transport for me and my two sons every week to travel to and from town his is just uncalled for.” Mokwena said angrily.


Petrol prices have increased twice in a space of two months. The department of energy announced that as from the 4 July petrol prices per litter would increase by 23cents and 26 cents, while diesel will cost between 24cents and 26 cents more per litre bringing the total cost to more than R16 for unleaded 95 Petrol.

In response to the fuel increment a People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increment (Pappi) Organisation was formed to fight against the petrol price Hike.

Pappi’s spokesperson, Visvin Reddy said Protest actions seem to be the only way the government will listen to the concerns of the people.

“If we continue keeping quite will end up paying R20 for a litre of petrol by the end of the year”, Reddy said.