Meet Reshoketswe, the face of Sosha finalist

Reshoketswe Patience Madisha

Her name is Reshoketswe Patience Madisha, 22 years old resident of Soshanguve Block XX and a student of International Relations at the University of South Africa.

She says she is inspired to study this course to acquire knowledge about the history of South Africa which includes the township of Soshanguve and her love for economics. She has a giving heart, the ability to share and she is a thoughtful person.

Early this year she got an opportunity to get a part time job at the local internet cafe with Karabo Monkoe, who had the patience to teach her everything about computers.

She was taught humanity when two months ago, she met a girl who matriculated in 2016 but still could not go to university. The girl’s certificate had all the symbols to allow her a career at university, “I was hurt because I was also a student who got three distinctions and a minimum of 55% but it took me two full years to know what I want to study at university”.


“That’s when I opened a program called MsKip Foundation which helps learners currently in matric to apply for university entrance at University of Johannesburg for free. While the program is still in the process of being registered I have already applied for four learners around the community.

She said she would love to venture into other blocks of Soshanguve once she is able to get sponsors, at the moment she is funding the project herself.

“I started with the Soshanguve east secondary school learners where I got three learners because I believe that charity begins at home. My vision with the foundation is to register 10 learners by the end of September 2018. I believe that even when I cannot offer cash, I am building the first step for the learners. The Mskip Foundation is able to assist the average learners to apply for courses they qualify for,” she said.

She is also a runner up for the Faceofsosha18 Crown, happening on the 4th of August at Block F, Falala Hall. The pageant is hosted by MWCB Entertainment Company founded by Mpho Maepa, which consist of modelling, events and general entertainment.

Their priority is to unearth hidden talents in the lives of young people in Soshanguve and bringing them to life.

“I was motivated by MWCB work and decided to enter their pageant (faceofsosha) which started as an online competition and grew to see them hosting their fifth annual competition. Ever since I auditioned for Face of Sosha, I have grown to be an aware young woman, I am more friendlier and am able to work with other people.

“I am also a volunteer at the Blessed Givers Foundation founded by Norman Tharaka who assist with donating clothes and sanitary pads to orphanage homes and schools around Soshanguve. Recently we were at Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa’s Special School for Mandela day celebration to give our 67 Minutes of National Service”.

She said she would like all the young people of Soshanguve to know that it is possible to be successful by being original and not dreaming other people’s dreams.

“Learn to clap for others when they do good, that will help you find yourself. You can also do it a thousand times. Never let anyone tell you any less, you are human and able,” she said.

Students from Soshanguve who cannot afford to apply at university of Johannesburg entrance should message Reshoketswe on Facebook. Patience Madisha and Instagram Shoki_madisha or call on 065 906 7154.

Reshoketswe said she will only be assisting a limited number of students because of financial constraints.