Covid-19 testing and screening campaign in Tshwane


The City of Tshwane has resumed the screening campaign since the second wave started to identify people with covid-19 symptoms and isolate them. On 10 February 2021, the campaign was rolled out to Akasia to make people aware that the virus is still infectious and deadly.

The aim is to educate and protect communities from the Pandemic with the campaign for those who don’t have money to get tested.

Head of Communications at the City, Mr Selby Bokaba, said the campaign started in 2020 during the first wave and then stopped after things improved.

“We go into a specific area that is affected by Covid-19, and educate, give them relevant information in a language that they can understand,” he said.

Mr Bokaba said the campaign has made a great positive impact, “the stats indicate that the infection even the stats have decreased.