City offers a line of hope for drug users


Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, marked the launch of the newly opened drug users HOPELINE call centre in Pretoria by receiving the first call and assisting a community member get the desperately needed help.

On Monday, Msimanga together with Tshwane MMC for health, Cllr Sakkie Du Plooy in partnership with various Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) within the city dealing with drugs and substance abuse, launched a HOPELINE contact centre to assist drug users in the inner city.

“These are institutions (NPOs) with necessary expertise and resources to address the scourge. Together they have received R40 million from the city to launch the fight against drug abuse,” Msimanga said.

HOPELINE, which is one of the five response interventions to fight the scourge of drug and substance abuse, is in particular a response to the drug trend ‘Bluetooth Nyaope’ affecting the youth within the city.

The drug and substance abuse help line is linked through an integrated approach with stakeholders that play a role in the drug and substance abuse field and assist users with information and support related to services provided in the anti-drug and substance abuse programme.

“Service Level Agreements have been signed by the organisations to ensure that they comply with the requirements as stipulated in the agreements and use of funds wisely and responsibly and to make a meaningful difference,” said Msimanga.

The centre was established to afford service users and their families’ assistance and information with rehabilitation services and counselling and substance abuse related issues. This also enables community members to anonymously report drug peddlers.

“Our preoccupation is to fight the drug problem while creating the opportunities for employment and productivity across the City to employ our people so that they may not be condemned to a life of poverty or even death,” Mayor, Msimanga said.

HOPELINE: 012 358 5001.