Tshwane temporarily shut three municipal buildings over COVID-19 infections

The City’s Head Administrator, Mr Mpho Nawa

Three Tshwane municipal buildings including Tshwane House, Mini Munitoria in Mamelodi West, and the Silverton Fire Station have temporarily halted activities for disinfection purposes after staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

The Buildings will remain closed for four days, from 15 June to 18 June 2020, and will open on 19 June 2020.

During the closure of the buildings, the City will disinfect the buildings to combat the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The City’s Head Administrator, Mr Mpho Nawa, said the city has a comprehensive COVID-19 workplace management plan which is backed by expertly advised protocols and guidelines.

He said the City will continue to take all precautionary measures aimed at protecting employees as well as the public from contracting coronavirus.

“We appeal to all the stakeholders to co-operate with us as we collectively deal with the pandemic to minimize its spread within the capital city,” he said.

All the City’s Departments have been advised to use alternative business continuity measures such as remote working digital systems and to communicate the notice to all staff members, especially those without access to computers.

“The city will ensure that services that were rendered at the three affected buildings are directed to other offices to ensure the continuation of service delivery to its residents while protecting the health and safety of its employees and the Public,” the Administrator said.

During the disinfection and the deep cleaning of the buildings, all the employees working at the three affected buildings are encouraged to work from home and take necessary precaution measures, where necessary, to observe occupational health and safety directives and protocols related to COVID-19 pandemic. All contacts will be tracked and managed according to the Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines and protocols during the deep cleaning.

The City’s management has provided all its employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), routinely disinfects the interior and exterior of its buildings, and screens and sanitizes the hands of everyone entering its buildings. The city has also made it compulsory for anyone entering any of its buildings or using its facilities to wear face cloth mask and observe physical distancing.