Scientology volunteer ministers sanitize vehicles in Gauteng

Scientology Volunteer Ministers sanitize vehicles daily in order to prevent the spread of covid-19

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers assisted the front liners since lockdown started in March. Tshwane Scientology volunteer ministers have now sanitized 990 180 taxis, police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, army vehicles and buses as part of their humanitarian work to assist the country.

Most of the taxis have been done on a regular basis, the Volunteer Ministers boast about the fact that in all the taxi ranks they regularly did, que marshals of those ranks reported that there had been no cases found of covid-19 due to the daily sanitation.

The team has so far serviced all the major taxi ranks including MTN, Pan African, Bree, Bosman and Bloed.

The group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers assist in sanitizing public transport

“That makes it all worthwhile.  While we did all those taxis, and other essential service cars over the past seven months at our own cost and with no day off, we find our satisfaction in the difference that we do.  And we have no intention to stop soon,” said Mr Sandile Hlayisi, director of Public Affairs for the Volunteer Ministers.

Furthermore, while the numbers are impressive, what is even more important to them is that what they do represents millions of people protected against the virus as the people go to work and return home in sanitized vehicles. They also safeguarded the taxi drivers who could have contracted the virus.

“Taxis carry more or less 15 people at a time and multiply that by the number of taxis and the more than 200 days of lockdown, it translates into tens of millions.

“It is an honour for us to have been able to get this done so far. It is our country and it has always been important for us to assist,” said Mr Hlayisi.

He said they have also decontaminated 37,836 buildings from one floor shelter to 35-floor government buildings, which totals more than 850 million square feet and have volunteered a total of 576,500 hours to help the nation during this pandemic.

Mr Hlayisi insists that without the technology of the Volunteer Ministers written by L. Ron Hubbard, the work would not have been the same.

He is also happy that since they started, more than 4 400 people have also learned the technology, with some of them joining the team to help.

“The backup we got was very important for us as well,” concluded Mr Hlayisi.