Councillor feels helpless with Tshwane Municipality

Gravel roads during wet weather are dangerous to drive on and damage cars with stones

Community members of Soshanguve block WW has lodged a complaint regarding the gravel roads and street lights that are not working with the local councillor.

The community complained that many promises have been made over the years to repair the roads but now they have had enough because when it rains the water flows into their houses with mud.

“Since we have been promised tar roads about 10 years ago and he contractors have worked on a few streets and left.

“Since the last local government elections nothing has happened and we do not even get feedback from our local councillor, Ms Skosana, who always says she will come back to us,” said a community member.


It is alleged by the community that the gravel streets damage their cars due to their bad conditions.

A memorandum was handed to the councillor with complaints of the gravel road, street lights next to bus stops, and lights at Mosino Street that are not functioning.

The community members said streets lights that are not working encourage the rising crime in the community because they allegedly get mugged in the morning when they go to work and at night on their way back.

Counsellor Skosana said on the 26th September 2018 she spoke to the MMC of roads and he sent her someone last week to call who told her that they are still busy and they will get back to her.

“They said they will call me when they back from briefing meetings and I am still waiting for them to let me know how far they are with the briefings of the tar road.

She said all the street lights have been fixed and at block WW and VV the lights are working perfectly .

“I have been attending the meetings at the municipality to follow up on the concerns off the community and last week I was told that the matter is going to be discussed at a briefing and to date I have not received an answer,” said Councillor Skosana.

She complained that as an ANC councillor she does not have power because Tshwane is a DA Municipality

“I do not want to give people false hopes, the lights are working now but I do not have an answer on the tar roads as of today,” she said.