Bullying motivated her to help other victims


Njabulo Zulu is a 12-year-old girl who was born and raised in the dusty streets of the community of Soshanguve in Pretoria.

She is currently a grade seven learner at Padisago primary school where she was bullied because of her skin colour.

She said “bullying didn’t break me down instead it built me and motivated me to stay strong and to start my campaign.”

At the of age 10 years, Njabulo started her own campaign called #I’m an antibully, a campaign that focuses on stopping bullying at schools. In her campaign she pays visits to different schools and community halls in and around Pretoria teaching and motivating pupils about dealing with bullying.


Ms Dudu Zulu, mother of Njabulo, said she has to step in and assist with marketing because the campaign does not have a sponsor.

“I go to school and ask them to give my daughter a chance to speak to the learners and Njabulo’s principal also supported her to an extend that bullying stopped at her school,” said Ms Zulu.

The multi-talented Njabulo also runs a Sunday school morning radio show called Bokang Jehova from 08h00-08h30 at TUT FM. In the show she preaches and teaches children of her age about the word of God.

Currently she is studying sign language during her spare time so that she can be able to reach out to the deaf community during her outreach.

Njabulo told Soshanguve Times that her goal is to have her own television talk show and and to author a book about his life story.

She also have ambitions of being a pediatrician because of her love for children.