Delivery ka Speed is a local delivery company


Delivery ka Speed is a food delivery company for malls in Hammanskraal and Soshanguve that was formed by Godiragetse Mogajane and launched on 29 July 2021 at Jubilee Mall in Hammanskraal.

Ms Victoria Lebelo, who is part of the marketing team of Delivery ka Speed said the plan is to expand to other areas in 2022.

“Having to visit home in the townships and realizing that the delivery services were not up to standard, meant there is an opportunity of an untapped market in the townships,” said Ms Lebelo.

Delivery ka Speed has a chat board on WhatsApp for ordering. Customers send a WhatsApp message to order, and the system replies with questions of name, area, and name of the restaurants.


Ms Lebelo also explains that they do not make use of the locations because they realized that in townships, locations do not work effectively on maps.

“Customers have to type in their address and drivers who are familiar with the area will deliver the food when it is ready from the restaurants,” he said.