Soshanguve Schools Kids Get Medical Awareness


Soshanguve Kids received free medical awareness on 03 June 2022 from a variety of groups, including UMSAMO, the Department of Health, Right to Care, and Thola Lwazi.

Miss Nomasonto Kumalo Gomba, Health promoter from the Department of Health said “Today we are here to have a conversation with teenagers because we have a very serious problem of teenagers using TOP as a method of contraception when there are other better contraception methods.

“We want youth to understand that we have youth-friendly services at our Community Health Centers, and we also invited staff members from the clinic who work directly with teenagers to inform them about the services that are available.

“It is all for young people, and they mostly deal with male teenagers because they don’t like to attend clinics,” she said.


Miss Zanele Ndwandwe from Right to Care said” Right to Care is dealing with male circumcision to promote health to our youth so that they can be aware of the activities performed by our stakeholders.

“We did awareness to motivate males that are 15 years and above to know the importance of doing circumcision, we circumcised them for free and we also provide them with free transport,” she said

Sbusiso Msiza from UMSAMO said “As UMSAMO, we specialize in motivating these young teenagers about sexual peer pressure because sometimes some of them do unsafe sexual things because of peer pressure from their circle, so we were there to warn about the dangers of doing things that are not good because of bad influence from others,” he said