City hosts seminar to raise awareness of the impact of climate change

Ms Mathe at the TUT Seminar

The City of Tshwane Environment and Agriculture Management Department recently conducted a seminar for Tshwane University of Technology students to raise awareness of the importance of the youth leading role in safeguarding the environment and ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources.

The seminar formed part of the City’s multiple programs commemorating Youth Day on 16 June 2022 and World Environment Day on 5 June 2022.

MMC for Environment and Agriculture Management, Ald Katlego Mathebe, said it is important that young people grasp the impact of human activities as the main driver of climate change.

“We strongly believe that the time has come for young people to advocate for the environment, initiate and lead environmental protection projects, and actively participate in the promotion of a sustainable future for all.


“The key message-driven during the seminar was that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and that it takes small steps, such as preventing littering by putting rubbish in a bin and reporting cases of illegal dumping,” she said.

Mrs. Mathebe said the seminar also served as a platform for youth leaders to discuss environmental challenges in their respective communities and to work on possible solutions.

“Matters relating to the protection of our environment are not often considered as appealing subjects for young people, but it is important that we change this narrative and continue to engage the youth on all matters that affect Tshwane and the country at large,” she said.