Selling of RDP houses condemned

Selling of RDP houses condemned

Tshwane MMC for Housing, Mr Mandla Nkomo, has condemned the advertisements doing the rounds to sell RDP houses. This after an advert for selling an RDP house in Windterveld Ext 3 was spotted.

“We strongly condemn the selling of RDP houses, these houses were allocated with a view of giving people dignity by providing a roof over their heads” said Mr Nkomo.

He said such acts are a challenge because people sell the RDP houses and after that invade land where the City cannot provide services. It also disadvantage people who are underprivileged and have been on the waiting list since 1996.

“If they don’t want the houses they should give them back to the government so that the houses can be allocated to people who really need them.


“My office will be investigating this matter and there will be consequences” he said.

The spokesperson of the Wintervelt police station, Captain Samuel Sebola, said he cannot comment on this issue because according to his knowledge this is not a criminal act. The station can only start investigating if someone opened a case.”

“The Municipality as well as the Housing officials are the ones who can tell us what kind of measures we can apply to such cases,” said Captain Sebola.