Lack of PPEs delays school resumption in Soshanguve

Soshanguve schools turned back their pupils on 06 July, as schools were unfit to commence with Face-to-face teaching and learning.

Resumption of teaching and learning for Grade R, 6, and 11 on 06 July as proposed by the Department of Education had to be postponed by some Soshanguve schools who were deemed unprepared for Face-to-face teaching and learning.

Learners were being turned back to their homes as some schools in Soshanguve areas had not received their Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to protect educators and learners from coronavirus.

Mr Steve Mabona- Spokesperson of the Department of Education in Gauteng, in an interview with Soshanguve Pulse, said the latest PPEs were delivered to the schools on 06 July 2020 when schools were re-opening.

Parents in Soshanguve have different views on the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the fear of their pupils having the probability of contracting the virus.


Ms Gift Morolong is a parent of a Grade R learner in Soshanguve and vowed that her child will not return to school even if he repeats next year.

Ms Precious Ramaro (36) from Soshanguve said her child is in Grade 1 and is not supposed to return to school.

“Even if it was my child’s turn to return to school I would not be comfortable to release my child to go and be around the school’s crowd, it is dangerous out there,”

“They are kids and would just exchange masks and they know nothing about social distancing, to be honest, I think 2020’s academic year should just be canceled,” she said.