School innovates to keep contact with parents


Kutung Primary School in Soshanguve block L has come up with an innovative way to keep contact with parents.

The School Governing body (SGB) and parents had an agreement to start using diaries as a form of communication between parents and teachers after experiencing communications problems with parents.

Mr Ben Moka, the principal of the school said, “in the past, we had problems with conveying messages to parents as a result of parents changing their phone numbers or not attending meetings”.

The school is now using the diary method and has received full cooperation from parents.

“I am happy with this idea because we will get to interact with the teacher on a daily basis. That means we will keep track of the progress our children are making,’ said one of the parents, Ms Stesiya Njana.

The system works through the teacher checking the diaries first thing in the morning before school commences. The school experimented with this method after learning about it from city schools. Each affording learner contributes R50 and those who do not afford still received the diary regardless.

Mr Moka said the school is open to trying other means of communications but currently, they are confident in the system and hope for the best results.