Pelo Huma talks through his art to address Covid-19

Polelo Huma says this sketch represents those suffering from Depression.

Popularly known as Master P, Mr Polelo Huma (29), is an artist from Soshanguve who uses his art to tell and present stories that reflect society.

He attended a printmaking course at Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg and could not finish the three-year course due to personal reasons. From then on he became a self-taught artist who developed his talent himself.

He was shortlisted as one of the top 20 Bic Art Master Competition 2018 and won the Soshanguve Crossing Mall Character competition. He also claimed the top- spot in art competition named Drawing from observation and was on 3rd spot on the Nkomo village art competition in 2019.

“I got the privilege of meeting several highly competitive artists in the art industry and I still want to grow and meet others to widen and stretch my abilities. I do want to be a recognized Icon in the Art industry,” he said.

Polela Huma is an artist from Soshanguve, he says this sketch represents the COVID19 pandemic and indicates togetherness in fighting the pandemic.

He was 6 -years old when his teachers told him that he was gifted and he was to realize later that he has talent and started to embrace it. “At some time I wanted to give up because I thought art was just about drawing that anyone can do and that I could not take it as a career.

He is now producing art pieces focused on COVID-19.

“I just made artwork from Five Roses teabags and soft pastels to create awareness. The artwork is titled ‘Divided We Fall, Together We Conquer: Fighting Covid-19’.

“I am also working on artworks linking to gender-based Violence and Depression. On the other hand, I am attempting to find that unique creativity that will have my name on it. My art uniqueness is based on telling the daily stories in society,” he said,

Apart from art, he is also a writer and a dancer. He said he would like to publish motivational and devotional books so that if people cannot see the story in the art, they can read about it in his books.

‘‘My mother played a role in my life including South African visual artists who motivated me to want to achieve greatness. I am also self-motivated because I hustled a lot to be where I am and I want to pass this rare talent to other young and emerging visual artists,” he said.