Winterveveldt Youth keep the spirit of the 1976 youth alive in their community

Sipusha Ingolovan NPO seeks to help the needy

It all started when Jimmy Sibanyoni, a 27-year-old from the dusty streets of Winterveldt decided to give back to the community that he founded Sipusha ingolovan NPO with the main aim to help people who are in need.

He gathered the unemployed youth of his community to divert their attention from crime and drugs by creating activities such as cleaning dumping sites, distributing food parcels, blankets, and clothes. He sees it fit for the youth to create their own jobs than to wait for the government to create jobs for them.

“I want to see the youth of today having economic freedom and change the way they tackle matters. I encourage all the youth to start now doing things for themselves, we cannot wait for the next day, hour, or minute. The future is in our hands, we need to push to achieve more in life,” said Mr Sibanyani.

Siphusha Ingolovan NPO is operated through donations collected through the door to door in order to bring change within the community without relying on the government.


“What inspired me to start this initiative is that I saw a huge gap around my area that needed to be filled. Working together as the youth we can successfully achieve a lot. We need those bursaries, jobs, youth economic empowerment in our area and that can be done if we are working collectively”.

His vision is to bring change, working together without any political party involved. “Let us make the youth of 1976 proud and continue the struggle,” he said.