MEC Panyaza wants answers on the Khensani Primary School sexual assault allegation


Gauteng MEC Panyanza Lesufi has visited Khensani Primary School to get answers on the alleged sexual assault of a grade 1 learner and to visit the parents of the learner.

MEC Lesufi said he received the criminal report yesterday and picked up inconsistencies in the report. T

“I am told that the incident happened on a Monday and that the learner came back to school on Tuesday but the incident was only reported only on Wednesday and i would like to get an explanation on that.

“I will be visiting the parents of the learner to get that aspect cleared,” said MEC Lesufi.


The MEC said he has asked the law enforcement authorities to step up the security at the school to make sure that even if people were to protest, they should not interfere with the academic programme.

Five Khensani Primary School staff members have been asked to stay away, these people are four general assistants, and one was a volunteer. It is alleged that the volunteer has not reported since the alleged incident and the police are following on that matter.

The MEC said the family of the learner is distraught, and the social workers have given support to the child and family.