Inclusive and sustainable healthcare service initiative by the City of Tshwane

Acting City Manager, Ms Mmaseabata Mutlaneng

The City of Tshwane partnered with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), commonly known as Doctors Without Borders, to launch an Inclusive and Sustainable Healthcare Service Initiative.

The two institutions will provide the communities of Tshwane with health and psychosocial services.

Those services will include, coherent and timely emergency prevention and response mechanism that will be in place for xenophobic violence and other medical-related emergencies, mental health services, quality, and free primary healthcare and Psychosocial services to homeless people residing in shelters and on the streets.

Acting City Manager, Ms Mmaseabata Mutlaneng, said the City is excited about the partnership and they believe it is going to improve the lives of residents, especially in the areas of mental health, psychological services and also address basic challenges faced by migrants/refugees.


“This is one partnership that will indeed go a long way towards ensuring that the City delivers to the people of Tshwane, the services as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, various national legislations as well as the City’s objectives as stated in the IDP,” said Ms Mutlaneng.