No enough sanitary pads for underprivileged girls

Lea Hlongwane (21), Founder of the sanitary pads project on left-hand side and her beneficiary

The 21-year old Leah Hlongwane from Soshanguve, Block – V, Jukulyn is committed about distributing sanitary towels to young girls, however, there is no enough to cover all girls in need.

“More than 50 girls have already benefited from sanitary pads for the past three months. The challenge I have encountered is that there are many girls who are in need of the sanitary pads and I cannot cater for them all as I do not receive them in large quantities,” said Ms Hlongwane.

She said her target now is girls who are from vulnerable families who cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. I want to stop vaginal infections as they can cause cervical cancer when using improper hygiene sanitary pads.

“As girls, we have to empower each other to keep the girl child at school with decent hygiene and put an end to period poverty, shame and fear to our girls so that we can affect their physical and mental health.


Ms Hlongwane grew up in a shack but she said it is because of her thoughtfulness that makes her resourceful. She said she did not have proper hygiene periods as a child and that is why she decided she would not want to see another girl suffer.

“I want to reduce school dropouts related to the shame of not having sanitary pads, as this can impact mental health. I want to assist more vulnerable ladies who are from poor families, to at least have a decent sanitary pads.

“I am a retail worker and I usually ask for donations from individuals and I also buy them every month to help the individuals that I know need sanitary pads.