Soshanguve man operates internet cafe business from a shack

Mr Seabi in front of his shack internet cafe

A young man from Soshanguve is running a successful business from a shack and he says he was motivated by the suffering in his community in accessing internet services.

Mahole Seabi (24) is a business-minded man who established himself through his studies and working as an artist before embarking on opening an internet cafe in a shack.

In 2016, Mr Seabi enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology to study Fine Arts, and with the skills he acquired, he decided to start a small business.

“I am an artist, and I saved the money I made from my artwork until it reached the target I wanted to open the internet café,” he said.

His goal is to reach as many people as he can and try by all means to make people’s lives easy. He also aims to open branches to make other people’s lives easy.

His challenge currently is lack of security for his business and he has to take his equipment home with him every day.