Activist speaks out on bullying during Anti-Bullying Week

Ms Njabulo Zulu.

A young lady, Ms Njabulo Zulu, from Soshanguve who was a victim of bullying growing up, has become an activist of bullying during the Anti-bullying Week that takes place from 16 to 20 November 2021.

Ms Zulu said bullying changed her life as she was unhappy and only wanted to be alone.

She however decided to be an activist for bullying as she saw that bullying affected her negatively.

“I decided to stand up and help others who might be bullied or are bullies themselves because I believe there is a reason why people become bullies or are being bullied.


To Ms Zulu, the Anti-Bullying week means standing up and fighting against bullying, helping everyone who is going through bullying and finding solutions to stop bullying.

In her campaign, she visits different schools motivating learners, teaches them about bullying, and hosts a talk show where she invites professionals from different departments to help solve the underlying factors of bullying.

She said those who are bullied should come out and speak before they do something bad to themselves.

“People who are bullied should always love and accept themselves at all times and speak up if something is troubling them before they hurt someone. Bullies should also be natured to realize that their actions could destroy others,” Ms Zulu said.