Burglary at Maria Rantho Community Health Center


The Maria Rantho Community Health Center in Soshanguve Block L was robbed of laptops and other valuables on Monday morning.

The security was tied up by the robbers who allegedly fled with the stolen goods in a Toyota Quantum minibus.

Mr Karabo Mopelo, a member of the Neighbourhood Patrolling Unit, said he arrived early to prepare tea for people who come for consultations and became suspicious when he did not see the security at the gate.

“I heard a voice inside the clinic calling for help, and when I went inside I found the security guard who was beaten up and tied with a rope and I untied him.


“The security guard said the robbers pointed a gun at him, demanding that he open the gate and they stole the laptop and anything that was useful,” he said.

.Hope Mosisidi one of the clinic attendees said the matter has affected the community badly because they could not be attended to and they are not sure when will the clinic open.

“Crime in this area is becoming worse now and the saddest thing is that criminals target places that help the community like Clinics.

“We have now been turned away and the community will suffer because this is the only health facility in the area,” he said.

The clinic staff members declined to comment on the matter.